Zootopia 12
Season 1, Episode 12
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Air date May 1, 2013
Written by Jonathan Gavin
Directed by Daniel Nettheim
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Keeping Up Appearances The Course Whisperer
When Gary the big cat keeper dies and Marie the hippo keeper goes missing, it looks like the food chain has been reversed at Maabade Zoo.

But it isn’t the animals out for blood. It’s a murder. Enter Nicola and Charlie and their intrepid discovery of disparate clues. A sliver of foil, forgotten face cleaner, a pack of cigarettes. It’s not enough to identify the killer although there are plenty of suspects in the frame. Marie the hippo keeper was Gary’s girlfriend – could the murder be a lovers tiff gone wrong, causing her to flee? There was no love lost between Gary and fellow lion keeper Reg - a recent altercation was just the tip of a deep-seated rivalry.

Lorcan the likable tour guide freely dishes the dirt on everyone else – is he trying to deflect suspicion? Larry the head keeper is a tightly wound spring who could explode at any moment, especially if someone threatened the zoo and its animals. Stephan has long loved fellow hippo keeper Marie. Could he have killed Gary in a fit of jealousy?

When Nicola books a Maabade sleepover safari as Charlie’s surprise birthday present - and an excuse to investigate - Charlie’s obscure expertise in animal behaviour leads to a gruesome find. It’s a double murder. But now the heat is on Nicola and Charlie, literally. They wake up to their house on fire. They’re close to the truth, and it’s a truth someone will kill them for.