The Course Whisperer
Season 1, Episode 13

(Season Final)

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Air date May 15, 2013
Written by Kelly Lefever
Directed by ABE FORSYTHE
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It’s a recipe for murder when maestro chef Bryce Cormac is killed in the kitchen of his renowned restaurant, Razorback. But there’s one missing ingredient – the body! The menu of suspects grows, but which of them has the greatest appetite for murder?

Could it be Ariel Cormac? Her seamless transition from dutiful wife to composed widow raises a few eyebrows. Perhaps Ariel discovered that Bryce’s passion and late nights weren’t just about the food.

Maybe it was Bryce’s lover, Matilda, the naïve, besotted young head waitress. Bryce has brutishly broken her heart and there’s no telling what a scorned and desperate girl might do.

Then there’s ‘professional dishpig’ Hugo. Intelligent, bewitching and unnerving, he’s the eyes and ears of the Razorback kitchen. Could he see himself as a deliverer of justice against Bryce’s tyranny?

What about Rhys, the prep chef with a troubled past? He’s been trying to get his anger under control, but has Bryce pushed him past the point of no return?

The over ambitious second chef Doyle is sick of waiting for the chance to run his own kitchen and shine. Has Doyle taken bloody control of his own destiny?

What about the Lincoln the pig farmer? He can’t pay the debt he owes Bryce, and when Nicola and Charlie make a shocking discovery at Lincoln’s pig farm, it looks like Lincoln’s goose is well and truly cooked. Or is it?

Through a clockwise cleaning motion, gourmet-fed pigs and a coded cookbook, Nicola and Charlie uncover a gruesome truth that throws Nicola out of the frying pan and into a deadly fire.