The Art of Murder
Season 1, Episode 9
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Air date April 17, 2013
Written by Timothy Hobart
Directed by Abe Forsythe
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A Flare for Murder Little Boxes
It’s murder for art’s sake when a homeless man is found crushed to death under a floating wall at a modern art gallery.

When the death is declared a burglary gone wrong, a doubtful Nicola and Charlie canvas the suspects. It’s no coincidence the man caused a hoo-hah at the launch of the gallery’s lucrative “Audacity in Art” Award and then died that night. What else did he do, or what else did he know? And who’s in the frame?

Olivia Patterson, the chic owner of the renowned Olivia Patterson Gallery, had a run in with the man at the launch. Riled, she had him thrown off the premises for his embarrassing interruption of proceedings. But there’s much more to it – what did the victim know about her past? Then there’s Tracey Anderson, the narcissistic, determined and insecure young installation artist. Tracey sees the “Audacity in Art” Award as her big chance to break through and make the world take notice. Now that she’s under Olivia’s wing, her win seems a certainty, but she’s not going to like what’s in the pipeline…

Perhaps the killer is the hip and technically skilled art teacher, David Wertz. He paints reproductions for a living, but lacks his own artistic voice. Would a person so in awe of true artistry kill to appropriate it? What of the smooth, shrewd, Marcus James? His property development company is the sponsor of the “Audacity in Art” Award. The sponsorship could be pure damage control. But the victim wearing one of Marcus’ suits suggests a more sinister agenda. And what of the eccentric squatter, Jack? He’s been in close contact with the victim and may well hold the key to the mystery…if Nicola and Charlie can get past the metal pole he wields.

Through bat guavo, an artistic anagram, and replica brush strokes, Nicola and Charlie unearth a killer who won’t draw the line at murder.


Nicola Buchanan     Kat Stewart

Charlie Buchanan:     Shaun Micallef

Jess Chalmers:          Lucy Honigman

Peter Vinetti:              Jonny Pasvolsky