Peter Vinetti
First Appearance Early Checkout
Portrayed by Jonny Pasvolsky
Gender Male
Occupation Detective
Family Unknown
Spouse(s) Unknown
Peter Vinetti is a character in Mr and Mrs Murder.

About HimEdit

Peter is a detective who is in the Homicide Squad. He is an Ambitious, Good looking and Charismatic man. He dosn't like it when things get dirty so thats when he calls upon Charlie and Nicola to clean up the mess!

Homicide SquadEdit

Peter became the Head detective in the Homicide Squad in 2011



Peter's relationship with Nicola is inbetween love and hate. Before Nicola married Charlie, Peter was madly in love with her. Nicola not feeling the same way belives that they should stay just friends. Peter first meet Nicola at a detective training course, which has now lead him to the Homicide Squad.


Charlie has a strong dislike for Peter, most likely to be because of the fact that Peter is madly in love with his wife. Charlie often insults Peter behind his back, and sometimes pranks him. For example, in "Early Checkout", Charlie tells Peter to try the bar snacks at the hotel, after previously scolding Nicola for eating them, saying they contain urine. In "Atlas Drugged", Charlie gives Peter a bottle of Irish Vodka, saying it is HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Throughout the episodes, Charlie often complains about how himself and Nicola solve the crimes and Peter gets the credit.