Nicola Buchanan
Kat Stewart as Nicola Buchanan
First Appearance Early Checkout
Portrayed by Kat Stewart
Gender Female
Occupation Crime Scene Cleaner
Family Jess Chalmers (Niece)
Spouse(s) Charlie Buchanan
Nicola Buchanan is a fictional character, a protaganist of the Network Ten TV series Mr & Mrs Murder. She is portrayed by Kat Stewart.

Character InformationEdit

Beautiful, passionate, wry and dry. Nicola is obsessively clean in her working life, but it’s not the sort of obsessiveness that impacts on her entire world. Nicola served briefly in the police force, however her need to empathise with every victim and double check the guilt of every perpetrator was ill matched to the often unjust realities of the job.

It’s her overriding sense to put things right that really motivates her to look beyond the police assumptions about a death and pursue the real killer.


Nicola and her husband run their own crime scene cleaning business called ToxicClean and are often assisted by their niece, Jess. Their jobs give them a unique insight into crimes and allow them to solve the more baffling cases the police can't.



Nicola undertook a TAFE course on the handling of industrial, medical and hazardous waste, which is where she met Charlie. Funny, self-deprecating and smart off the charts, Charlie was unlike any man Nicola had ever encountered.


Nicola meet Peter in a defence course and became good friends with him. She looks up to him and is encouraged by him to succed in investigations.


In A Dog's Life it is revealed that Nicola is affraid of dogs, on her eleventh birthday a dog attacked her favourite doll. Both Charlie and Jess refer to this as a phobia, but Nicola calls it a "rational fear". 


In En Vogue it is shown that Nicola has very bad hayfever. Any flowers that nicola is around will start to get her sneezing. Nicola takes pills that make her very tired at the end on the episode.