Little Boxes
Little Boxes
Season 1, Episode 10
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Air date April 24, 2013
Written by Harold Jordan
Directed by Jet Wilkinson
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The Art of Murder Keeping Up Appearances
When upper crust James Langlan is found harpooned through the chest with a spear gun in a heritage bathing box, it sends a dark ripple through a wealthy seaside community.

The police think it was a robbery gone wrong, but as Nicola and Charlie wade into the double lives of the esteemed elite, Nicola and Charlie find themselves deep in sordid secrets and lies. Could it be a crime of passion? Or was money the murder motive? Renowned investment king, Richard Nailor, is a prime suspect. A former Olympic clay shooting champion, Richard would be deadly accurate with a spear gun. He owns the bathing box. And there’s his very odd social behaviour.

Perhaps Richard has discovered something about his wife, the attractive Yvette. Her outwardly idyllic lifestyle hides a lonely woman, whose marriage has crumbled. Yvette was several months into an affair with James, who sparked a light in her life again. If James wanted to end the affair, would this sensitive woman be capable of murder? Then there’s Richard and Yvette’s only son, Ben. Ben’s newly engaged to Sarah – in fact the pair discovered James’ body while they were making out in the bathing box.

Maybe Ben has discovered what’s been eating away at his fiancé, the vacillating Sarah. She adores Ben and the slightest whiff of scandal would ruin her chances of the happy life she craves with him. Would Sarah kill to protect her future? Could Sarah have confided in her best friend Lola? A local history expert and café owner, Lola could shed some light on the strange behaviour between Sarah and local triathlete Stephen. James was broke and suing Stephen over their failed business venture.

When it appears Nicola and Charlie have netted nothing but red herrings, the clues click. Through a humble household spice, a romantic ringtone and a piece of driftwood, our heroes uncover a killer who is driven by the past in a way no one expects.