Keeping Up Appearances
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Season 1, Episode 11
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Air date May 1, 2013
Written by Katherine Thomson
Directed by Jet Wilkinson
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Ivy, a beautiful young woman, has a decidedly ugly end when she lands in the garden below The Lavanya Centre, a cosmetic surgery clinic for the rich and famous.

It appears to be a tragic case of suicide. The victim had a condition known as body dysmorphia and refused further treatment by the centre’s head surgeon, Dr Mukajee. Did Ivy intend the suicide as retribution against the clinic she had come to rely so heavily upon?

As Nicola and Charlie delve deeper, they learn that looks can be deceiving. An inspection of the surgery and garden below leads our duo to suspect that Ivy didn’t jump – she was pushed. This is murder most foul. An inspection of the victim’s apartment leads our heroes to a run-in with a masked intruder. Could they be the killer? Or simply a pawn for a powerful perpetrator?

A deeper study reveals a young woman who, despite her affliction, had an optimistic outlook on life. Nicola’s compassion is piqued as she forms a bond with Ivy’s grieving sister, Emily, and her husband, Michael. But is this outpouring of grief genuine, or are they the crocodile tears of a callous criminal?

Nicola and Charlie piece together the clues, including an innocuous spectacle nosepiece in Ivy’s apartment. This leads them back to the Centre and the reading glasses of the coy and charismatic Dr Mukajee. Charlie must put aside his apprehension towards this strange and superficial world as Nicola shows her determination, booking herself in for a treatment to get the inside scoop... and a close encounter with the surgeon’s needle.

Nicola learns that the not-so-good-doctor definitely had something to hide. But is Dr Mukajee the type to get his hands dirty? He certainly likes to keep a clean image... Could ever-faithful assistant, Rena, be the mystery intruder in Ivy’s apartment? She harbours a reverence towards the doctor, which breaches the boundaries of professional respect. But the not-so-good doctor isn’t the only one harbouring secrets.

The sensual sculptures in Ivy’s apartment lead Nicola and Charlie to an artist who knows more than he lets on. What he reveals sends our couple on a course to uncovering a desperate killer who will do whatever it takes to keep up appearances…