Early Checkout
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Season 1, Episode 01
Vital statistics
Air date February 20, 2013
Written by Kirsty Fisher
Directed by Shirley Barrett
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Early Checkout was the first episode, Charlie and Nicola clean a crime scene at a Hotel. MOM is a confrence that is taking place in the hotel.


The show starts with Fedireca walking in on the Attendant holding an knife. Charlie and Nicola enter and they go up to clean the room. Peter Vinetti the detective on the case and is waiting inside the room where the Victim, Marty O'Connor, was found murdered. Mrs McVee walks into the room and Peter goes off and talks to her. Charlie and Nicola meet the Maid and the other suspects. Nicola finds a sticker on the wheal chair from Mrs McVee. Charlie gets his neice to work at the Hotel so he can know more. Charlie and Nicola find more clues and eventualy they find the killer.

The Murderer turns out being Holly the maid, who was bullied through primary school by O'Connor. She went to talk to him but he was angry so she turned on him and stabbed him.


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"Early Checkout" was seen by 782,000 Australian viewers following its broadcast on February 20, 2013. It Ranked number 11 in the 16-39 demographic.