Charlie Buchanan
Shaun Micallef as Charlie Buchanan
First Appearance Early Checkout
Portrayed by Shaun Micallef
Gender Male
Occupation Crime Scene Cleaner
Family Jess Chalmers (Niece)
Spouse(s) Nicola Buchanan

Charlie Buchanan is a fictional character, a protaganist of the Network Ten TV series Mr & Mrs Murder. He is portrayed by Shaun Micallef.

Character InformationEdit

Charlie is a fountain of knowledge. While he has an amazing ability to recall obscure facts, Charlie lacks the quality of being succinct. Social etiquette is also not something that comes easily to Charlie, so it’s just as well that Nicola is around to handle the human side of things.


Charlie and his wife Nicola run their own crime scene cleaning business called ToxicClean and are often assisted by their niece, Jess. Their jobs give them a unique insight into crimes and allow them to solve the more baffling cases the police can't.


Charlie has an almost unnatural knowledge of fairly random factors, that when put together, help to solve a case. Charlie is able to recognise a boquet of flowers and their meaning and has a "curse" of noticing things. In "The Course Whisperer"Charlie figures out the order of which the spices are placed, because of the relation to the mind, body and soul.



Charlie adores Nicola and even more so when she is on the scent of a crime. He is protective of her and supportive to a tee – he understands Nicola’s innate desire to see justice done and would never step on her dreams. Charlie loves a good puzzle but in a different way to Nicola. He is methodical where she is holistic and impulsive.