Celeste Doyle
First Appearance A Dog's Life
Portrayed by Kate Richie
Gender Female
Occupation Veterinary Nurse
Family Unknown
Spouse(s) Unknown
Celeste Doyle is a Veterinary Nurse who works at the Veterinary clinic in Long Springs.  

Early LifeEdit

When Celeste was 12 she had a passion for helping animals. After studing for years about becomeing a Vet her dream came true.


When Celeste was younger her mother killed herself after telling people that she had a thing with Keith Skinner. Celeste was all alone after that and she had no one to call family.

A Dog's LifeEdit

After Charlie and Nicola sneek into the clinic and see Celeste with Dayn who is trying to get his dog back. Charlie and Nicola tell Celeste that they no about her past and that she was the one that commited the crime. After what Keith had done to her mother, she wanted revenge because he didn't even care about her mother. 


Episode 2: A Dog's Life