Mr & Mrs Murder is a warm and witty whodunit; delivering murder mysteries with a smile.

Mr & Mrs Murder are Charlie and Nicola Buchanan (Shaun Micallef and Kat Stewart) - crime scene cleaners whose unique quirks and talents solve the most baffling murder mysteries. Together, Charlie and Nicola Buchanan are a superhero. Combine Charlie’s monumental mind for facts and figures with Nicola’s deep sense of justice, observational skills and empathy, and there’s no place for a killer to hide.

Having the Buchanans clean murder scenes suits Detective Peter Vinetti (Jonny Pasvolsky), a homicide cop who is stretched beyond his means in resources and smarts. He’s not stupid, but he’s not Charlie and Nicola. He turns a blind eye to their methods, just as long as they supply a watertight chain of evidence and he can take the credit. Peter’s infatuation with Nicola dates back to when they were in the police academy together, but it’s all one-sided.

Charlie and Nicola often enlist the reluctant help of Nicola’s strait-laced niece, Jess Chalmers (Lucy Honigman) in their sleuthing. Two years ago, Jess came to stay with them for a month and never left. But Charlie’s adamant she has to pay her board somehow, and going undercover or chatting up a cute murder suspect for information should cover the groceries.

When the sleuthing’s particularly tough, Charlie and Nicola lean on their regular book club guests, Alan and Janine. Wheelchair bound Alan is an enigma wrapped in a riddle – just how does he know how to reassemble an AK-47, yet bake such a delicious sponge cake? They can always rely on the loud and insufferable bore Janine to unwittingly create a distraction or swallow their smokescreen when she walks into Charlie’s re-enactment of a murder.

Join Charlie and Nicola as they pursue clever killers and misguided murderers in the fascinating aspirational worlds of musical theatre, the seaside elite, high fashion, modern art, a gourmet restaurant, a hip hotel, a golf club, horse racing, yachting, bodybuilding, plastic surgery, an open range zoo and a country estate wedding.