A Dog's Life
Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date February 27, 2013
Written by John Hugginson
Directed by Sian Davies
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A far cry from last week’s hip hotel, tonight our Mr & Mrs Murder, Charlie and Nicola Buchanan, find themselves in an affluent golfing community, cleaning up the remains of a former golf champion Keith Skinner (played by Marrick Watts) who was mauled by a dog.

Using an out-of-place photograph, a common dog trick and a disappearing golf hole, Nicola and Charlie uncover the murderer. But Nicola’s literal worst fear is realised when the terrifying dog is turned onto them and the question must be asked – how will Nicola and Charlie escape the jaws of death?


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"A Dog's Life" was seen by 715,000 Australian viewers following its broadcast on February 27, 2013. It Ranked number 5 in the 16-39 demographic.